Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

You do realize that the money you're going to pay for your house is more than police academy 7 took in at the box office worldwide

Yesterday my cable modem was down for a while so I couldn't get online. It pretty much sucked! Yesterday was the first real day I had to play with the firewalls that we got as eval units at work. I had zero luck getting the thing to work at all! I spent all freaking morning just to get the thing to some workable state, it was really pretty sad. After Justin got back we talked a little about firewall stuff, upon which my worst fears were realized. Justin is going to be the firewall nazi. *sigh* He's already being really anal about this whole project. Hello! We have had no firewall or any major security for the past 5 years. I don't think it's necessary for us to just into this thing and restrict everything. So yesterday sort of sucked. I also had to leave work early to go sign some papers to get my earnest money back, let the owner know I wasn't interested in the house.

The best part of the day was when Dan called me at work to tell me Final Fantasy X was out and he knew where to get a copy. I had him pick one up for me, and one for Eric. Silly me for thinking he'd be civil if I ask him for a small favor, but at least I got the game.

Today was ok. Nothing special. Worked a little more on the firewall with Justin. Actually I just sat back and watched and let him do his thing. I'm not going to get in his way, he gets ugly when it comes to security. Had a meeting today with Connie about our upcoming projects. Some interesting things were said about projects, and budgets. Crazy how things seem to snowball so quickly, especially with regards to budget.

After work Eric dropped by to pick up his copy of Final Fantasy X. He brought some other PS2 games so I got a chance to see Metal Gear Solid 2. That games looks really sweet! He said if he finishs it by Christmas that he'd loan it to me. Cool...

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