Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Plastic lawn flamingos are more numerous in the United States than real flamingos.

Had today off which was nice... So I slept in until about 9:30, got up, played some PS2, tracked down some phone numbers, etc. This whole house/inspection thing is a huge pain in the ass. The was sorta surprised that I didn't want the house. He had to have it inspected too, and they didn't say anything about the foundation? So I called the title company, and called the homeowner, now I have to sign paperwork to cancel the offer and get my $1000 earnest money back tomorrow. Blah...

We did see Fellowship of the Rings today. That movie was really badass, they did a really good job recreating a lot of the book. They took several liberties which I didn't like too much. I mean Lord of the Rings is probably the most important fantasy novel of all time. You don't mess with that... For the most part they were true to the book, leaving out little things here and there. Some of the minor changes seemed unnecessary... I wasn't too fond of the end either because they kill a character that doesn't die in the book. Overall still an absolutely amazing movie, definitely worth seeing.

After that I came home, had a quick dinner (the only meal I ate all day) and went over to angz for a little early Christmas. I got: TMBG's Mink Car, The FOTR Soundtrack, all the Harry Potter books, bookmarks, Moulin Rouge on DVD, some pajama bottoms, a really cool FOTR book, and a DBZ commuter mug. I made out like a bandit.

I also got word that Final Fantasy X shipped from online stores today. So hopefully retail stores will have it in stock later this week. That would really rock!
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