Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

How about the ability to kill a yak from 200 yards away ... with mind bullets

Had a pretty exciting day... I watched Dragon Ball Z, went to the movies, and did some research on how to get Cartoon Network at my new house. I want to get cable, but $32 a month so I can watch three channels seems pretty ridiculous. I don't watch much TV at all, just MTV, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. Dish Network can get me those three channels for $22 a month which is pretty good. Plus it's digital instead of analog. We'll see.

Just got back from having dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory with Angie and the people she works with. She works with some cool people... I especially liked Francis. I think I really like gay people, they're so cool, so laid back. Basically it was just us sitting around eating and joking around. Weird since I don't know any of the people. Then again I'm such a social pimp I can talk to anyone.

Driving home was more sheeting rain. I've lived in Oregon 22 (almost 23) years now and I don't recall it ever raining this hard, this long. It's literally raining buckets out there... first time I've actually been a little apprehensive driving in the rain. I wonder if we're in the middle of some massive storm front or something. I want it to drop another 10 degrees and then rain that much :)

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