Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

So I'm in the middle of a cute french girl having a breakdown and an asian midget

Ahhhhhhhhh drunkenness :)

Just got home from having some beers with Dave. It was fun, haven't seen him in a while and he's still just as funny as I remember him. He's even more onery after he's had a few. The waitress was a total bitch and he still tipped her good. So we drank and talked about women, etc. Nothing special.

On the way out we were talking in the parking lot and we watched this chick in this piece of crap hatchback something peel out on the wet pavement, drive around in a circle, and jump pop the curb and hit the big rock that was in the dirt. Dave asked her friend (who was in another car) if the girl was ok to drive, to which she replied I guess not. Then her friend drove away. Some friend she was. So Dave asked the crash victim if she was ok to drive, she said "ya" and sped out of the parking lot. That was trouble waiting to happen.

I took the backroads home and drove slow. On the way home I saw some asian kid in a rice rocket that had driven off the road. There was a cop and tow-truck there blocking traffic while they pulled his car out of the ditch. I thought it was pretty funny. So traffic was blocked for about 5 minutes.

Now I'm home and Dave and I are gonna see who can play counter strike better after a couple of beers.

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