Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Topless sunbather 1, John Steinbeck 0.

Talk to my realtor today and we both agreed that if I'm going to approach this house that it's best to leave him out of it, lest I scare the seller. So unfortunately I'll end up sort of screwing my realtor in the process. I'll probably end up writing him a check for $500 or so since he did really help me out a lot.

Instead this means I'll be writing the offer up on my own. I need to track down some resources on how to do that, and the best way to proceed. I can probably get my uncle's help so we'll see. I wonder how willing he will be to help me.

At work today we had a couple meetings and I played with Anaconda all day. Not really exciting. I need to ask about my promotion/raise that I'm due for. Not sure if they're going to make me wait until May until it's effective. That would really suck ass. I could use the raise since I'm going to be buying a house. One full paycheck won't even cover my mortgage payment.
Anyway, I'm going to go read or something. I'm pretty tired and I have nothing (of interest) to do.
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