Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing young kids crying because they cant get into the cinema to see harry potter as all the showings are sold out

I am such a consumer! Just got back from a quick trip to Freddies and picking up some Christmas presents. Thank goodness for one stop shopping. I picked up presents for davidfrey, gorgonous, scooty, and bigj. I have a couple more to pick up, but I'd say I did pretty good. I had planned on getting on two things but they had some other things that worked out great. All Christmas shopping should be that easy. In, and out!

Anyway I think I'm off to watch a little of my Evangelion DVD I got from Netflix. If you need me, page me.

  • New house

    A good chunk of the stuff in our house is packed and in the garage. It makes our house less "full" but it just makes me want to move more!

  • New Baby!

    Roland Paul Baker was born today! 8.2 pounds and healthy. Yay!

  • No bowling!

    Half the bowling alley shutdown, other half reserved. LAME!

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