Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

That's the stupidest story I've ever heard, and I've read the whole sweet valley high series

Yesterday kinda sucked... About 4:45 I was checking some stuff on our DHCP server and I made the accidental realization that maybe we had some DSL customers down. We did some checking and sure enough we did. We did some research to figure out why people were down and that only real solution was a reboot and an upgrade of some code. This is about a 20 minutes process minimum. It's not a good idea to take down all our DSL customers for 20 minutes, especially during peak time (evening). We had no choice, so we did what we had to do, things ended up working out pretty well and we were back up ASAP. So I didn't even get home until about 7pm.

So I get home, have some dinner and then my pager goes crazy. 7 pages about DSL customers that are down. *sigh* Hop on my computer figure out what's going on, reboot those specific DSL customers and life is good. DSL SUCKS! I did get the wonderful idea to start up a saturday morning cartoon show, the wacky misadventures of some IT Staff. Solving the worlds DSL problems one CO at a time.

On a side note, this is pretty funny:

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