Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The look on my face is sheer retardation

I'm bored... watching 45 minutes or so of the pop-video VH1 award show. Pop-up video can make everything more entertaining... I wish I had popup video in real life. So when I'm standing in line at Freddie's trying to buy shampoo a little arrow pops up and points to the bald guy ahead of me, "hasn't needed shampoo in 10 years." That'd be cool.

I finished Fellowship of the Rings tonight while the jiggas infested my basement. I'm reading... 10 pages to go, 5 pages to go. Thinking, "there is no way they can finish this in 5 pages," and bam. Book over... What the hell! I don't know how true to the book the movie is going to be, but if they end the movie like they did the book they'll have people demanding their money back. Don't get me wrong, the book was incredible. It just had a slightly odd ending.

So I'm bored, there isn't anything on TV or any project to work on. So I think I'm gonna go to bed a bit early and read the first Harry Potter book. scooty loaned it to me today at work. Right around three hundred (small) pages, written for 6th graders... I'll have it done in ... 5 days.

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