Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Gummy Bear Free-for-all and Gummy Orgy in a bag

Today was pretty interesting... Picked up an inverter at Fry's for the work laptop so whoever has it can use it in their car. Not sure exactly what use that will have, but it wasn't my decision to buy it. I tried it out on the way home and it seemed to work pretty well. Plug it into the cigarette adapter and it has two standard AC wall plugs on it.

At 4:00 we had a department wide meeting without any managers. Connie discussed pay scale, goals for the department, job descriptions, and performance expectations. Looks like things could really be changing in the next couple weeks. My new job description is much more accurate than my old one, which is good. So things could be looking up in that arena.

Just got done watching Gandhi after a nice dinner at Olive Garden with Angie. Winner of 9 academy awards including best picture. I saw that movie in high school, and I hadn't seen it since. Now I remember why it got 9 academy awards. Simply amazing movie. I remembered certain parts a little different, but otherwise it was still an excellent movie!

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