Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I just don't find being sodomized by a Klingon to be the height of humor

Just got back from hanging out with bigj and gorgonous. We hit Wunderland for a while, which pretty much sucked. It could have been fun but there were only like 10 games worth playing in the whole place (and that's being generous). After that we went and grabbed something to eat and bitch about work. We did that for a while until we got the idea to go over to davidfrey's place to watch the Simpsons. We called to see if he was home and he was. So we just hung up and started to leave and go over there (we didn't tell him we were coming). So we just showed up, but Stacey was "just about to take a shower" and then they were going to watch "Shrek." We could read between the lines, we knew what that meant. So we ended up over at Sackman's and watched the Simpsons. It was pretty good, and so was Malcom in the Middle.

Side note: The jiggas are over and playing video games!
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