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Scott Francis Baker

November 6th, 2001

i bet bigbird sucks the bandwidth out the local street with his porno downloads @ 09:09 pm

I've been watching bits and pieces of Final Fantasy the Spirits Within tonight. After watching Shrek I wanted to see how final fantasy compared. Both are really amazing (looking) movies, but Final Fantasy just blows Shrek away when it comes to the detail. Simply amazing...

Let's see... Today at work was pretty boring. I finished writing my Bind adminstration tool after two days. Need some last minute polishing but otherwise it's done and it seems to work pretty well. Had a nice 2 hour long meeting with the department today. *Sigh* No meeting should take that long. After which Gene talked to me fore another 45 minutes, of which I don't think I grasped the subject of the coversation.

Now I'm home, relaxing, and thinking of watching a movie. Oh and I really want to buy my own damn house. Living at home STILL sucks major ass. I have money, I have drive to do it, I just need someone to sell there damn house to me! Someone out there has to have a nice house I want to buy. I'm tired of looking at crap. Grrrrrr... at this rate I'll be lucky to be in a house buy Christmas. Pisses me off!
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Date:November 7th, 2001 10:06 am (UTC)

just a thought...

If you continue being beaten to the punch (so to speak) on houses you like, I would really consider changing realtors. With the current state of the economy and all the companies laying off employees, there ought to be a large number of available houses to choose from.

Scott Francis Baker