Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Would it be wrong if i threw the youngest kid out of malcom in the middle into a woodchipper legs first

Apparently LiveJournal was down all day, that's pretty nuts. Let's see, what happened today. We had a big meeting at work discussing all the various projects we should be working on next year. There are a LOT of things in there, and it all amounts to a massive amount of money to get them all done. Justin hit on a very good point, at our company we have a tendency to just toss money at a problem. Big, stronger, faster, and ultimately more expensive. Well that's probably not always the solution. In the IT world though, it's a good way around a lot of problems. Anyway I got a pretty kick ass free lunch out of the meeting and a little bit more direction as well. We'll see how things go. We have a lot of big plans, but us having a new boss/structure in the next couple weeks or months could mess a lot of them up. Exciting stuff!

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