Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The only two groups who give a crap about firemen are designers of gay-interest calendars and people whose houses are on fire

God bless our legal system, that's what I say! As I'm reading the ticket last night I notice that my court date is for 10am. So I figure I'll go in around 9:30... Well I read down a little farther and it says "or earlier." So I got there around 8:25 so that I could hurry on to work later. I walk in and talk to the clerk. She asks if I have current insurance as well as my new registration. So I hand her the appropriate paperwork, she photocopies them, hands the papers back to me and sends me on my way. $493 wavied in 2 minutes. I was literally in building 2 maybe 3 minutes! So I got work at 8:35 and I was still here before the people that get here at 8:30 :)
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