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Scott Francis Baker

October 29th, 2001

That chick who played the oracle in the matrix died the other day, i wonder if she foresaw that @ 11:18 pm

So I'm still up preparing for my big day in court tomorrow. Tomorrow I go and contest the $493 ticket that I got. So I'm up getting all my paperwork in order and finding addresses (putting them in my GPS) for the court house.

As I'm sitting here looking at the ticket and I notice that the cop wrote Safety Corridor in the other section. What the hell is that all about. Ya dude you caught me driving in the safety corridor with expired tags! If you caught me swerving through traffic or driving drunk in a safety corridor that's one thing, but they're expired tags. Somehow I doubt that affects anyone's safety. I'm sure it gives them the right to charge me more though. Bastiches!
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Scott Francis Baker