Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

America Online: now with the "don't-cut-yourself safety-scissors interface"

So today was... interesting to say the least. The first four hours (8am till noon) were spent in "Communication Training." It was basically a big "we love the customers" stroke fest. Part of it was interesting, but part if it was a big repeat. But they gave us donuts, and bigj and gorgonous enjoyed poking fun at the silliness.

After that we got back to the office and there were 16 tech support voice mails waiting. So we all chipped in and took care of them in record time so we could all go out to lunch. We went to Subway and then Frys. I got Final Fantasy on DVD ($18!), a cordless phone/answering machine for $25, and some permanent pens for writing on CD-Rs.

After that we drive back to work and I reply to about 25 emails that have been sitting in my inbox waiting for my attention. It's not good to let your official work email get that high. Did that and then we had our big department meeting at 3:30. Basically Connie told us that there are going to be lots of structural changes and people will be shifted. According to the sheet I'll have a new job title and will be reporting directly to Gene. We'll see how all that works out.

Now I'm just sitting here relaxing. I have tomorrow off, my grandfather's funeral is at 10:30am. Not really looking forward to that, nor am I looking forward to being a pallbearer. I think I've got this whole death/mourning thing firgured out. I'm totally fine with my grandfather's death. I'm sorry he's gone, but I'm past the mourning stage. I know a lot of my family isn't and that's fine. But going to this funeral tomorrow is just going to drag me down into it. I know I'll get all emotional and cry. But that's only because I'm in that situation. Otherwise I'm fine with the whole thing. Odd.
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