Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

That's not how a crock sounds you fatass penis

So my realtor came by around 11am today with all the necessary paperwork to make an offer on that house. I offered $2k less than they were asking, so we'll see. Plus I guess it's hooked up to a septic tank and not the sewer (which is 20 ft away). So my realtor said I should write into the contract that they hook it up to the sewer before I buy the house. He said that could be pretty pricey and could factor into their decision to sell at a lower price. We'll see...

So after that I had to get ahold of my mortgage broker (my aunt) to get some information about the loan and a pre-approval letter. Well she's on vacation this week, but I got her cell phone number and she did all this work from Tahoe! Pretty cool! So she got her office squared away, and had the letter faxed to my realtor within an hour. He took all the information to the realtor of the seller and I should here back in a couple of days. We'll see.
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