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Scott Francis Baker

October 8th, 2001

It's not how you pick your nose it's where you put the booger @ 05:38 pm

So Derek and I go out to lunch today. We had some time to kill after eating so we wandered over to Fred Meyer's just to kill some time. Well I remember that I need some shampoo, so I go and pick it up while we're there. So I run through the checkout and buy my Head & Shoulder for $3.99. So the lady hands me my recipe and I realize that it's one of those receipts printed on coupon paper.

So on the back is 4 coupons for various items. What a coincidence one of them happened to be for $1.50 off any Head and Shoulders product!!! What the hell! I contemplated just returning the one I had, picking up another bottle and going through a different line.
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Scott Francis Baker