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Scott Francis Baker

October 4th, 2001

The World Trade Center attack was a Pauly Shore film short compared to smallpox, anthrax, and a ten-year World War @ 09:01 pm

davidfrey loaned me his laptop to test while driving around with my GPS. So I loaded the addresses of all the houses I wanted to see tonight. It worked pretty well for the 10 seconds that the laptop stayed powered up! I think something might be wrong with the Windows install or something. I'll play with it more tomorrow.

I did see some decent houses. Much better than the crap I looked at the other day. I'm hoping to go out and tour some houses with my realtor this weekend. So right now I'm just relaxing and watching some Family Guy that Isaac hooked me up with. Family Guy rocks!
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Date:October 5th, 2001 08:56 am (UTC)
u s e r    e r r o r

Scott Francis Baker