Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

A technological marvel, arch and innovative with a darlingly offbeat visual conception!

Got home from the beach a couple of hours ago. Had a lot of fun, I'll start working on putting my pictures up as soon as I get done with this entry. I bought a GPS, the eTrex Legend. It wasn't cheap, but it was REALLY worth it. If you were thinking about getting one (*coughbrad cough*) then you really should. I had a blast with mine driving down to the beach. It has a LOT of built in features. You can search for a city and it will give you a compass and the distance you have to go to get there. The Legend model is a driving GPS and has built in maps of the entire US. It's very cool, I wish I had it for the roadtrip. They're really fun, and if you had a laptop and some map software they'd be even better. They're pretty accurate (down to about 20 feet). Here's a picture of the stats after I got down walking around my neighborhood.

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