Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife unless you in turn are willing to share thine own wife with him

Dave and Isaac and I went to lunch today at Subway. I've never seen anyone wrap a sandwich as the guy did today. Isaac made the comment that he was practicing for the Subway Olympics. It was bare sandwich, to sandwich wrapped in wax paper in .0001 seconds. It was amazing! That along with the girl with earbrows to her cheeks, was an interesting lunch.

Afterwards Dave had to get back to work, so just Sackman and I went to Fry's. Had no agenda, just wandered around. They had some "Door to Door" mapping software for $10. I figured for $10 I couldn't go wrong. Help me look for houses or something. So installed it and spent about 3 hours playing with it. It's awesome! Maps the whole U.S. and it's really detailed. Makes decent driving directions and it's pretty quick. It has support for a GPS for input and now I really wanna get one. Maybe just a cheap one, $100 or so. That'd be a really cool toy to have.

Isaac and I were discussing the technical aspects of how GPSs must work and how cool it would be to have one. Fry's sometimes advertises a cheapy for like $70 or $80, maybe I'll look into it.

Forgot to mention that Connie came and wandered around our department asking all kinds of questions and getting a feel for things. I think it went really well, it will be really good working for her I think. It will take some adaption, but it should be a good working relationship. Plus she's a really cool lady.
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