Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Your Mom is so fat, the recursive function computing her fatness causes a stack overflow

Two quick things. There were these cool massage bed things in Vegas at some of the places we went. It was the aqua-massage. Bascially you would just lie in the tanning bed looking thing, and the top would close with this sheet of rubber above you. Then these water jets would spray down on the rubber in all kinds of patterns. So you get a water massage without getting wet. Kinda cool. They were expensive. It was like $10 for 5 minutes or something.

Secondly now that my computer is officially working again I'm leaving. Frey and I are off to the Itec show down at the convention center. It wasn't that exciting last year, but it was kind of cool. So we'll see. We'll just wander around that for a while, and then I'm going straight from there out to dinner. Woohoo! Fun filled day at work today.

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