Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Cry, fart, cry, fart

I've been in a short of pissy mood all weekend and I'm not really sure why. My parents are really getting on my nerves, but they're doing their normal parenting stuff. I have no desire to do anything other than sit here on my butt, and I've been bored most of the weekend. Maybe I'm a little depressed, although I have no idea why I would be. So basically I've just been sitting here on my computer most of the day reading some stuff, writing some stuff, etc.

I just had dinner, my dad made hamburgers and french fries. It was good as always, but at the same time boring. Everything seems so blah right now. My parents spent most of the afternoon at my Grandparent's house today. My mom informed me that we should probably start shopping for a suit jacket. Apparently my grandfather isn't doing very well. He hasn't been for a while, but it's really only a matter of time now.

So now I sit and wait just like have been the rest of the day. Either waiting for something to do or something inspiring, or wait until bedtime and just go to bed. Tomorrow will be better because I'll be at work. Lots of distractions there.

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