Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


Just got back from Baskin and Robins. Probably didn't need the ice cream, but it was good, and it got me out of the house. I had a nice conversation with the ice cream scoopee about their flavor selection. I asked him what the worst selling flavor was and he said it was this tangerine chocolate concoction that they had. I forget what it was called. I had a sample spoonful and immediately saw why it was the worst selling flavor.

It tasted like a deep orange flavor with some very strong dark chocolate. It wouldn't have been so bad, but it was a rich dark chocolate. Not a good combination. Plus it was black, or at least very dark brown. It looked like tar. I'm surprised anyone would eat it. Now I'm home, working on a script to monitor the amount of attacks of this new W32/Nimda@MM worm that's spreading.

Oh I forgot to mention that bigj gave me a very explanation of how a fuel injection system works in a car. Thus explaining why it took 8 hours to start my car after leaving it sitting for two straight weeks. He's a pretty smart guy for someone from Molalla.

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