Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Holy crap it's hot batman!

anilnaik and themabbi have arrived in Las Vegas. We spent about 11 hours, maybe 12 in the car today. It was a long hot ride. I'm not really into the heat, but Anil is. He even likes "warm" water. He's weird like that.

It was really hot today, so Ben and I decided that we should put on some sunscreen (being the pale white boys that we are). Anil wanted to fit in, so he put some on too. We all know deep down that he wants to be white. :) He would never admit that of course!

We missed the turn off to get to my uncle's place and ended up at Lee Discount Liquor liquor where Ben picked up some Absolut and Anil got some Bushmills. That place was insane! It's the biggest liquor store I've ever seen, and they even have shopping carts. Why does a liquor store need shopping carts! COME ON!

I did learn two things at the store: aftershock is only 80 proof, and in Nevada you can't sell alcohol higher that 160 proof. Weird stuff. Ben made the comment, "you can gamble, and get a prostitute here but you can't get alcohol higher than 160 proof."

So now we're at Tom's doing laundry, checking email, and maybe we'll do some drinking. Then we'll hit the strip tomorrow, tour some hotels, and just hang out.

We also figured out that "the finger" is rapidly becoming the mascot of our trip.

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