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Scott Francis Baker

September 1st, 2001

I want a geek chick whos as good at rooting a linux box as she is at licking my balls @ 12:07 pm

So Anil calls me at work yesterday and leaves me a voicemail saying that the van that we're taking on the road trip needs a lot of work, and it's gonna work out to $200 per person, and that's after the half that his parents were supposed to pay. What the hell! That sucks, I wasn't planning on spending any. Apparently his parents knew it needed work but didn't say anything to him. So on the last working day before our trip he takes it in for a tune up and they tell him this. Had they told us a month ago when he told them we were gonna use it, either we could have had the work done cheaper, or arranged for another vehicle.

I tell my dad the story and he brought a good point. "What are you getting out of this," which is very true. Granted we get to take the van for two weeks, the real value of spending that much money on the vehicle is that it will be that much more reliable in the future, and have a greater resale value. So we'll have to wait and see, he was gonna talk to his parents and let us know.

That and Ben decided to go camping this weekend... couldn't have picked a worse time. He's camping yesterday and today, home tomorrow to work all day, then leave at 1am for the road trip. This is gonna be wild, we'll have to wait and see.
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Date:September 1st, 2001 09:30 pm (UTC)
It's 191 now, but I'm definetly workin' on getting that much lower. Probably about 120.

And this all falls 100% on my dad. He took the car last month, and he didn't get the work done.

And while it is true that the repair work raises the resale value--there's no doubt to that--both of the damages parts (radiator and water pump) are things that are very suspectable to breakdown on a very long road trip. Especially on a hot burn through the desert. These are things that if they go out, it's something could strand us and the charge would be much higher somewhere else. That also assumes that we'll break down near somewhere that has the parts and has the time to schedule the repair.

So, in short, the 120 buys you:
(1) a functioning safe car
(2) piece of mind that the car is fully functional.
(3) a road trip where we don't have to stop to fix a car, and losing a few days somewhere.

I'm not happy about this either, I'm in fact furious at my dad. But this *is* the best course of action.

I'm very sorry it did have to come to this.....
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Date:September 1st, 2001 10:07 pm (UTC)
I'm totally NOT blaming you... just venting. See what you can do. Since this will probably raise the resale value, see if you can get $500 of what the sell it for and disperse it back to us. I don't have a problem paying for some of it, but $200 is steep.

Scott Francis Baker