Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

You mean if you leave them out they get brown and start growing little white hairs?

Didn't do much today... I can never sleep in on the weekends like I want to. Is it too much to ask that I sleep in past 9 on the damn weekends. My parents are fucking loud, and up at the crack of dawn. GO DOWNSTAIRS! No they stay upstairs and dink around in the kitchen.

So let's see what I did today. I went to church, got my oil changed, went out to lunch, came home, made more apple sauce, had dinner, went over to Angie's, and now I'm home. Pretty exciting life I lead.

  • New house

    A good chunk of the stuff in our house is packed and in the garage. It makes our house less "full" but it just makes me want to move more!

  • New Baby!

    Roland Paul Baker was born today! 8.2 pounds and healthy. Yay!

  • No bowling!

    Half the bowling alley shutdown, other half reserved. LAME!

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