Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I mean what woman couldn't resist a nice terminal server built into a toaster oven?

Had a sort of decent day at work today. I kind of like researching lots of expensive equipment to make proposals for us to buy all kinds of neat toys tools. Also I got to leave work a little early today since it was Larry's 50th surprise birthday party. We all (my family sans Dan) went down to PGE park to catch a Beavers game. It was pretty fun, even thought they did end up losing. Now I'm dog tired and am off to bed. I need to get more sleep.

Oh I forgot to mention... Angie is upset at me because when she called I didn't ask why she didn't take the job she was offered. She put on her Livejournal why she didn't accept it, I read it. I know why she didn't take it. There was nothing to talk about... apparently she wanted to talk about. *sigh* Women!

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