Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Slight fever, some skin lesions and pussy sores.

My realtor called me this morning bright and early (9:30am) returning my call about looking at some houses I drove by the other day. Sucked to get woken up so early (I went to be about 2:30am) but it was good that it was him because I need to get that done. I wasn't even going to answer it, I was still in bed. But the phone rang and Dan bolted out of bed to get it. :)

So now I'm gonna grab my digital camera and head out of here. I checked the classified ads for open houses today. There are quite a few in the area, few of which I can afford however. I just wanna walk through some houses and get a feel of what I should be looking for. Tomorrow I'll walk through houses I can afford. Gonna go back through House #2, hopefully take Angie and davidfrey as well. I want a second opinion.
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