Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Ow... I banged my head! That really hurt! Hey... who are you?

Just got home from themabbi's 21st birthday party. It was a surprise party, pretty interesting what they had to go through to keep it a surprise too. Excellent party overall, had a lot of fun. It was pretty low-key, but all the people there were really cool (even Anil!). I didn't know anyone there except Ben and Anil, but the rest of his friends were pretty cool. The best present he got for his birthday was a UofO t-shirt (he's going to OSU) and some orange and black spraypaint for it. Pretty creative I thought.

Highlights of the night included watching Ben try and smoke his cigar, Ben's little brother capturing a bee with some surgical scissors, wonderful pictures of a young Ben naked in the bathtub (which will be used for blackmail later), switching between T&A (Coyote Ugly) and Fast Cars (Gone in 60 seconds), meeting lots of cool people, and many a snide comment by Anil.

We discussed briefly our roadtrip, which appears to be back on despite the trade-in of our planned vehicle. So that's quite good, I'm stoked about that. So now I'm home and about ready to crash.

On the way home though, I was following Ben and Anil to 217 (they were going into downtown) and I turned onto some onramp and ended up spinng 270 degrees around on the wet pavement. At the time I kinda thought it was cool because it was so slow and I wasn't worried about hitting anything. Odd that I spun out at all seeing as I wasn't going very fast at all. But upon further reflection the rest of the way home I'm pretty freaked out. I got really lucky something a lot worse didn't happen. I think that's just someone's way of saying slow down a little. So I will...

Anyway... off to bed.
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