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To boldly take the star trek mailing list where it had never gone before

I've been gone for three days now. Away from my email and LJ for three days... I can't say I missed it at all, but there was a LOT of reading to catch up on while I was gone.

I had a great time, it was good to get away. Sleeping in a tent sucks, but even that wasn't that bad. Angela's dad is in a Jeep Club and they had their annual rally in... banks? Some city way out there, I forget which. They found this lady who has a ranch and a big field and they borrow the field once a year and have about 250+ people come in, setup tents, and go 4 wheeling just up the road. I'm really kicking myself for not taking my digital camera (the batteries were dead).

Friday night was pretty boring, the event was Saturday and Sunday, so it was just a lot of waiting. Once you have your tent setup there isn't much to do really. A lot of people brought these gigantic campers. I'd say there were 60% tents, and 40% campers. I dunno about you, but when I go on vacation I DON'T need all the essentials of home. Sometimes it's just nice to rough it, get away from all the city crap.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early... 6:30ish, maybe 7:00. No big deal, I woke up with the light in the tent. I can't sleep if it's light out. And we were off and in her dads jeep by 8:30am on these forest trails. About 12 people per group. They all just take these monster machines up these little tiny, rocky, bumpy, dirty trails. They're not even trails, it's just a VERY rough path. I really wish I had some picture of the crazy stuff the we drove over/through. It was pretty insane!

Out of the original 12, only 6 made it back to camp with the rest of the group. When someone's vehicle breaks down someone has to tow or accompany them back to camp. So we lost 3 people to vehicle problems. I just look at these trails with these gigantic rocks (2 feet out of the ground or so) and these 40 degree inclines and just think "you're asking for trouble." Two thousand pound machines weren't designed to go there. Some do and some don't. Pushing that heavy of a vehicle up and over rocks around trees takes it's toll. I'll get some copies of the pictures and post them later. We did some wild shit...

Saturday night after we got back they (the group) fed everyone hamburgers and Angela and I crashed early. Only to be up Sunday morning again to go out. Little Rubicon, for the second day in a row, did not allow anyone up it. 5 people attempted, 3 wimped out, 2 went home in a "box." Only one person the second day, because after everyone watched him roll his truck, it took the fight out of everyone else. After that Angie's dad started having problems with his starter so we came back early.

It was a lot of fun though. I'd like to go again, but I don't think I'd drive. I'd have a hard time justifying to myself spending $15-20k on a vehicle and then putting it through that kind of massive punishment. Maybe I'm just used to my street Civic. Hanging around the campground was fun, because there were a lot of car buffs there. I know nothing about cars, but I did get to watch people take them apart, and talk about them. I learned all about winches, drive shafts, etc. No one up there really has anything to talk about, so it's a gigantic "what do you have in your car" contest. All everyone did was just compare vehicles. It was pretty funny.

I had fun though. Now I'm home and tired.

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