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Scott Francis Baker

July 11th, 2001

Genital-biting fish terrorize village @ 08:33 pm

My mom came into my room about 7:30 this morning asking if I had to go to work. Uh ya! I forgot to set my alarm, good thing she came in to wake me up! I had set it for 6:30 the day before so I could get up early for work that day. I guess I just never turned it back on. So I leave my house about 10 minutes late, and then on the way to work I hit the traffic on 205 while they work on the bridge. I swear, if they don't get that damn bridge fixed soon I'm gonna start killing anyone in a day-glo orange vest. Fuckers make me late to work EVERY damn day.
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Date:July 12th, 2001 09:06 am (UTC)
Blame the engineers, not the workers.
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Date:July 12th, 2001 08:02 pm (UTC)
This is true... the workers are just more accessible.

Scott Francis Baker