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Scott Francis Baker

June 29th, 2001

Jenna Bush's Federally Protected Wetlands Now Open For Public Drilling @ 08:35 pm

Went out and had drinks/dinner at Jarboe's with everyone after work. It was BSSs last day today so it was a little celebration (of their independance). It was a lot of fun! Travis' wife Julie bought me a couple spiced rum and cokes which pretty much made my night. That on top of the one I ordered myself and the hamburger I had made it pretty nice. Got out of there for like $8 too, that was cool. Hanging out with everyone tonight is gonna make me miss 'em. Travis is a really cool guy, easy to get along with, fun to talk to. I'm gonna miss that little bald headed bastard. He mentioned something about a Fourth of July party. I may go out there if my parents aren't doing anything, we'll see.

I also forgot to mention that I got my final grades the other day. Two Bs and an A, brings my grand total to 174 credits and cummulative 3.44 GPA. Pretty amazing considering it's a 95 credit degree. I actually got quite a few Cs over my college career but those were all in no computer (read: boring) classes. I wonder what it would work out to with the bogus classes?
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Scott Francis Baker