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Scott Francis Baker

June 23rd, 2001

Nothing hurts like your mouth @ 09:55 pm

Wow... got up today and took a shower. Came down to check my email and Dan comes down and says, "let's go to uncle Marks." Because I told him we'd come over and help him shovel some dirt/rock out of his new shed. So we drive over there and shovel and haul out several wheelbarrow loads of rock/dirt. I'm exhausted now. I was there about 6 hours doing this, but my wuss brother left after 3. Kevin met us about midway in and helped us dig. It's really heavy digging, pain in the ass because there is so much rock you can't get underneath it to get a shovelful.

Afterwards Kevin drove me home (since my brother took off) and we played some games and checked out some sites. Played some more video games and Dan grabbed us a pizza. Pretty exciting day, but I'm dog tired need to crash. I'm gonna be in some pain tomorrow lemme tell ya.
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Scott Francis Baker