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Scott Francis Baker

June 13th, 2001

Mango Kiwi Tropical Swirl now we know we're dealing with a mad-man! @ 08:41 pm

Well I'm officially done with school... I can just feel my stress level dropping. I walked into my PageMaker final and handed in my project thinking she'd pick me apart on it because she's so picky. She graded them as I was taking the final and handed it back, 25 out of 25 points, I was absolutely shocked! I was pretty happy about that. That and the final wasn't super hard, just kinda long. We had to recreate this document using the specifications that she gave us, which I did quite well I was happy about that. Then there were some essay questions which I'm sure I did pretty good on as well. Overall it went a lot better than I had expected. I may actually pull a B out of that class yet.

I guess all that's left now is to start looking around for a house. That should be fun, give me something to do on these nice weekends!
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Scott Francis Baker