Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The faster you go deaf, the more time you'll have to read

Took my business final about 2 hours ago. Got to class a half an hour early to study, I didn't get much studying done it was too noisy. Anyway the teacher tells us that the final is 50 questions, but 10 are optional. So basically he grades the final out of 40 possible questions. Granted the "optional" ones were really hard, I still did pretty well. I got 39 right, so I got a 39/40 which works out to 195 points. I secured a solid B and that's without the crappy paper rewrite I turned in.

I feel bad for turning in that paper now, it was REALLY bad. I would have preferred to just take the solid B and never have him look at that crappy paper.

So after I got back to work I took everyone over to 7-11 for celebratory Cherry Slurpees! Woohoo!
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