Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Our toilets went from being the Baltimore Ravens to being Barry Manilow

Lame! My DVD player really started skipping on this X-Files dvd I was watching last night. I thought it was scrathed or had something on it so I took it out to clean it and it was flawless. But it skips all over the place... So I put in another DVD (Showgirls) and it plays just fine. So I think the X-Files DVD got mastered wrong or something. Today I watched 2 hours of The Thin Red Line just fine on it. My dad tried watching a DVD and it did the skipping all over thing too. I'm wondering if it just plain hasn't worn out. I'm thinking maybe the motor isn't running quite quick enough and it's freaking the system out. So now I'll probably have to get a whole new player. I was planning on getting one anyway, but not under these circumstances. Maybe I'll go do that tomorrow.
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