Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

You can never be proud of a Packard Bell its against the law

This morning was my last Linux class ever. We played with the beowulf cluster we made which was pretty cool, and then took a quick "final." It was really easy, I got 100%. So I got 97% on the midterm, 100% on the last test, 100% on the final. I rock. Kinda sad leaving that class though, it was my only fun class. The teachers rocked and we had a lot of fun. We had to evaluate the teachers (you do every term), I didn't even really read it, just rated them 5 on everything.

Then I came home and watched part of The Thin Red Line and fell asleep. Fell asleep for about two hours probably. It was really odd because I had a dream while I was napping about napping! How odd is that, I was so tired I was even dreaming about being asleep.

Other then that I haven't done much today, just relaxed. Started my final project for my PageMaker class but didn't get too far, it should be easy I just need to get some information. Now I'm just waiting for Angie to get home so I can go over there.
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