Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The talking claw

Cleaned up my cubicle a bit, working on getting several issues with different vendors taken care of. My day pretty much hinges on me getting email from those vendors to fix some assorted issues that we're having. It's a nice day today, first one in a while I'm pretty happy about that. Angie is gonna come by and we're gonna grab some lunch. Maybe I'll take a short lunch and head out a half an hour early or something.

I checked my bank account this morning... I should be right on track to have about $16k for a house in August... So $3,900 (at least) would go towards a down payment, and another $3500ish would go towards closing costs on the loan. I don't get that. They're getting massive amounts of money in interest, what the hell do they need closing costs for?

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