Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The ruler of this world is no longer the country with the bravest soldiers but the greatest scientists.

Had a no nothing day today really. Work was ok, nothing exciting really happened. Put some things in place to get done, but nothing really monumental. The most interesting part of my day was when Justin told me he didn't really expect me to stick around much longer. Things aren't working out well at work, and the company has essentially said they can't afford to pay me what I want/deserve to stay there. I think Justin realizes my frustration and that it's making my decision to stick around harder and harder.

Justin is a cool guy, he gained a lot of my respect today when he leveled with me. I'm tired of everyone acting like everything is ok, like it's just business as usual. Everyone knows something is seriously wrong there, but no one wants to admit it. At least not the people that matter. We'll see how things play out in the next week. My resume is written, it will be published shortly.

On a side note I taught myself some simple GPG today. That program really rocks. Encryption is cool.
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