Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

No more dick talk!

So today consisted of: Linux class, an episode of the X-Files, a nap, dinner, Shrek, Seti@Home, 2 more episodes of the X-Files.

Linux class was interesting, we got a 6 node Beowulf cluster up and running today. Didn't do much with it, but it's running. Seems like pretty cool technology though. Season 3 X-Files rocks my world. Killer to have that many episodes on DVD. It's a lot of video to watch, but it's pretty fascinating stuff. I was pretty tired after getting up at 7:15am for class so I took a quick nap. Felt a little better afterwards. Had a simple dinner and then went to see Shrek with my Mom, Aunt, 3 year old cousin Claire, and angz. It was a pretty funny move, good graphics, decent plot, good jokes. After all that I setup Seti@Home on 5 computers. Then I watch two more episodes of the X-Files. Pretty exciting day let me tell you.

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