Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

A little gasoline... blowtorch... no problem.

Ok I officially hate my PageMaker teacher. I'm seriously considering writing the school a letter (well I would be if I weren't so lazy). I'm pissed that I passed up the opportunity to bash her when we did teacher evaluations. Today I get back my homework and it was marked down 20% because it was late. I was NOT there on the day that we turned it in, so I turned it in at the next available opportunity. Not good enough. She grades like a pissed off meter maid laced up on bad crack cocaine how picky she is. She grades it like it's an exact science, it's not! 2 + 2 = 4, that's simple there is a right and wrong answer. PageMaker you have to fudge a lot of stuff... Put a circle here, make it a little bigger than the other one. She marks me down because my circle is too big! COME ON!

So today I couldn't get the software to work, it was just plain not working. My project was done but I couldn't export it. It takes like 5 minutes each time just to try and export it, and it wasn't working. She comes over and tries all these things and can't get it working either. But all the work is done! I spent 3 hours on the project but I can't turn it in because the software was messed up. So I'm waiting for her to say "just turn in the file" or something! Give me a solution to turn this in, but she just wanders the classroom... She's a bitch, drives me nuts. Talks to much, etc... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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