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Scott Francis Baker

May 16th, 2001

We may very well be dealing with the two most dangerous men on the planet @ 11:19 pm

So today I took the second half of day off of work which was quite nice. Class was boring as usual, but after that I talked to the chair of the CS department and she gave me all kinds of advice about how to graduate asap. I had to refile my two requests to graduate but that's cool. Looks like I'm right on schedule to graduate this term, woohoo!

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on zee business plan for Intro to Small Business... 8-12 pages my ass! That class sucks! We got a good chunk of it done which is good. Couple more hours on it and some reorganization and we'll be set. Off to bed here soon so I can get up and do the work thing again tomorrow.
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Scott Francis Baker