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Scott Francis Baker

April 28th, 2001

ICQ Spam @ 11:58 am

This is the spam I get on ICQ, what the hell!

ICQ User: Breast Pump UIN: 113580206
hello I was wondering if you had any breast pumps mine blew up as I was pumping my breasts up theres something wrong with the australian ones they dont ting they just go back after a few pumps my name is gary Glitter and I also used the breast pump for my penis which didnt work like I had hoped because my penis looks like a tit now and I am not happy I had ball implants the other day and it was good
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Date:April 28th, 2001 12:11 pm (UTC)
damm you scott, that was supposed to be a personal ICQ message i sent you, i cant help it if my breast pump blew up, and you said you had a spare
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Date:April 28th, 2001 07:45 pm (UTC)
You sick bastard ;)
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Date:April 28th, 2001 02:56 pm (UTC)

Scott Francis Baker