Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


Went to church at 10:30am, was very tired through most of it. I find myself extremely tired if I'm in a very boring, slow moving situation. School, church, work (some days). Church was an hour and a half long and pretty warm, there were a billion people there. Makes me wonder where these people are the rest of the year when the church is half empty.

Went over to my parents for Easter brunch after that. My uncle showed up drunk, and pissed off. He was mad at my other uncle for telling him it wasn't cool to be drunk at family occasions. He's pretty much a raging alcoholic. Everyone seems to know it but him. My uncle put it best, "he's lost his job, his car, his motorcycle, and his house and he still denies he has a problem."

He walked in the door swearing at his brother for preaching at him, blah blah blah. "How am I gonna get a drink in this house?" Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I guess he pissed some people off (I wasn't in the room), so he just took off. Just walked out the door and went home. Made the rest of the afternoon a little more pleasant, it was a little uncomfortable there for a while. Kinda funny, because stuff like this never happens to me, my family is too normal.

I noticed a lot of similarities between him and my brother. At least in demeanor, they both seem to have this attitude, I just can't describe it. The "I don't need to listen to anyone else, I have my own crap figured out." My brother isn't a raging alcoholic or anything, but I honestly think he has the potential to be addicted to something. Currently it's weed. To each his own I suppose.

Other then that the day was quite good. Food was ok, conversation was good... Squared away some things with my uncle (the non-alcoholic one) about getting a house. He is/was a real estate agent, so he's gonna help me look around. That should be cool... So I came home, took a nap, at some dinner (snacked) and played on my computer. Pretty exciting life I lead. I should do laundry.
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