Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


Ok so I'm watching a little bit of TV today and what's pasted all over every channel? You guessed it, our "war heros" returning from China. They're finally home, on native soil. Yay! I'm sorry but this was just a blatant misuse of govertmental power and money. It was on about 17 channels, covering just these guys getting off the plane and being reunited with their families.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're home, etc etc etc. But did the thing warrant an international incident? Did it warrant massive media coverage? Did it warrant the massive amounts of money spent to fly these guys all over, setup speaches, get top level military officials to the right spot?

There are so many injustices occuring every single day that go unoticed and ignored that it's sickening. How many children are abused by their parents, how many rapes occur each day, how many people die because of faulty consumer products, etc. This is never on the news, it's never covered and very little is done about it. All I'm saying is FUCK the military "party" that was all over TV, I don't care. Spend you money, and use your influence somewhere else.

The media and the goverment have so much power to affect how us little peons think and act, and they rarely use their power for anything possitive. God forbid they forgo the ceremony and save the tax payers some dollars. I'm sure there is no disease research that needs to be funded, or transportation alternatives, or more ... anything! Anything would be better than what they're focussing on.

These guys aren't heros, the didn't do anything special. They crashed a plane and lived. Congrats guys. I'm glad you're alive, but let's all move on to the real important things in the world. Jeez.

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