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Scott Francis Baker

April 11th, 2001

Old People @ 11:28 am

So we just went over to Thriftway real quick to pickup some stuff for the office. I got in a short line, only one person ahead of me, too bad she was 85! She starts to write a check for her food but her daughter cuts her off, "No no mom, use your oregon trail card." So she fishes in her purse and pulls out her food stamp card. Takes her like 7 swipes to get it right, even with the cashiers help. Then she can't remember the pin number, so her daughter has to jump in. The finally get the pin number entered, and it takes a whopping $10 off her total. So she has to rewrite the damn check, which in her old lady handwriting takes for ever. Then she gets stalled at the date, so the cashier helps her out "April 11th," which she has to repeat about 10 times. Grrrrrrrrrrrr... damn old people!

Then to top it all off I almost got hit by an old lady edging her around this corner. She must have been like 4 feet tall, she could barely see over the steering wheel. The really should make old people retake their drivers tests, some of them shouldn't be on the damn road!
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Scott Francis Baker