Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker


So I'm walking through the central office to get our servers my arm bumps one of the cabinets. I didn't even really think anything about it. All these cabinets are locking, but they don't lock them, they leave the keys in the locks. No big deal, no one messes with them, it's a tight security area. So I'm walking next to these and my arm bumps one of these keys. I don't even flinch just keep walking.

Well 5 minutes later I'm talking to a coworker and I make a hand gesture and notice that there is blood all over my arm. There was a lot of blood for this little cut! So I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up my arm. There is a little tiny cut, probably no bigger then a pin-prick, but it bled like no tomorrow. Weird.
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