Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Damn roomates

So I go to costco, spend like $75 on various food items etc. I come home and Eric is parked in "the spot." Now normally we just alternate days on who gets to park there. Well I parked there yesterday, and when I left I expected to come back to the spot. We don't a real rule for the weekends, it's just sort of worked out that whoever has it friday has it for the whole weekend. Well he has had the spot for the last two weekends in a row, no big deal. I didn't complain, because it wasn't that big of a deal. Not very considerate, but that's ok.

So I get home today and he's parked in the spot. I park in the spot next to that one (that's not mine) and bring my first load of groceries up. I ask him "What are you doing in my spot?"
"Your spot?"
"Yeah my spot..."
"You had it the last two weekends in a row, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, come on!"
"Oh... do you want me to go move my car?"

He totally knew he had it the last two weekends in a row, that's why he didn't argue with me. What the hell... Come on, I'm sick of this shit. He's just not very considerate at all. I'm getting very fed up.

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