Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

The rest of my day...

So Anil and Ben get to my house around 1:30 depite the fact that Ben said "We'll be there between 12:30 and 1:00." They did finally get here, and we immediately took of to go get lunch because none of us had eaten (except Anil who had already had three meals). We ended up at Shari's because that was the best place we could think of since Anil is a vegetarian.

So we have some lunch and discuss a little bit of everything. I asked him if he was still planning on taking a road trip this summer because I really wanted to go. It looks like Ben, Anil, and I might all do a little road trip in August after he turns 21. Nothing makes a good road trip like copious amounts of alcohol, that's what I always say. We were talking about hitting several cities on the way. Of note we decided that we want to avoid Utah all together, and that Ben would like to spend some time in San Francisco. :) Oh, I paid the bill for lunch and let them get the tip. It was a $20 bill, so I paid the whole thing. I would think the least you could do would be to give the host a "thank you" but no. Selfish bastids :)

After that we came back to my place to pick up my car because it fits three people better then Ben's chick-wagon. We cruised down to Powells for a bit just to look around. On the way down I heard many stories of Ben and Anil's high school exploits. The one that stands out the most was "Slurpee Beer." I should note that the parking lot attendant at Powells was crazy. He was making jokes like "you have to be this high to park here" and "it takes 4 tickets" etc. It was kinda funny though, at least he was enjoying his job. I wandered around Powells for a while and found an old copy of Moby Dick that I bought for $8.50. I read about three quarters of it in high school I thought I'd pick it up and read it at a later date. Ben got some geek sci-fi books while Anil and I sat in the coffee shop. Anil tells some pretty good stories.

So we all buy our books/coffee/whatever and drive home. We talked about all kinds of things. Mostly deep philosophical discussions of life and morallity. Pretty cool. Very good outing. I took some quick snapshots of Ben's pimp mobile with my digital camera before going to my parents to play some poker. I lost $19 but that's ok. I had a lot of fun. My grandpa won pretty big, second time in a row the lucky bastard. Had a good time there also. Talked to my parents briefly about possibly moving back home. We'll talk more tomorrow when I go over there for dinner. I have some last options I need to explore.

Now I'm home. My email is caught up, I just have some homework that needs to be typed, and some pictures to get off my camera and that's it. Excellent day.

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