Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

Wow... I got home a little while ago from Brad's Party. It rocked, I had a lot of fun. Brad is way cool, he's a really cool guy.

So the party worked out like this. I met up with Ryan and Liz at Reed and then we all proceeded to go pick up Joanna at Lewis and Clark. I would like to mention that Lewis and Clark's entrance signs REALLY suck. So we all drive for 3 hours to Seattle and we get to the party. When we got there it was a little slow, but it picked right. I met a lot of people right away: Erik, Brad, Pat, Anil, TJ etc... It was cool. Aaron was selling glowsticks to support his crack habbit so I bought one for $1. They were pretty cool.

I opened the bottle of bacardi 151 that I brought, mixed it with some Coke and started the drinking. Bacardi 151 is my new best friend, that stuff really rocks. After a couple drinks of that and some time passage I was really feeling it. I think it was at that point that I decided I want to share my Bacardi with anyone willing. TJ was the first to take a pull, it was amazing how much he drank, but he's a big guy. At that point I introduced myself to Erik and we proceeded to see who we could get to take a shot of 151. There were several braves souls, I was impressed. You can see pictures of both the shots and other people only willing to hold the 151 and glory at it's amazement here.

The party was a lot of fun, I met a lot of really cool people. It's nice to put a face to a livejournal.

I paged Jen like she told me too around 10:30 and again around 11:30 and she returned my call about 1am. We must have talked for at least a half an hour or 45 minutes because my cell phone died. It was a rather inoportune time too, the conversation was good. I was drunk and wasn't about to track down a phone in that house, so I was going to let it drop and talk to her another time. So I went back to partying/drinking until about 2am when she walked in the door. I was shocked! Brad pointed me out to her and we went outside to talk. Side Note: Brad said "Who was that girl that came to see you at 2am, it was like the Scott Baker fan club I didn't know what to think."

We got in her car and drove around for a while until she decided that we need to go back to her house and have a discussion about life. We stayed at her place for an hour or so just talking. She was getting tired so I told her I wanted to come back to the party and let her go to bed. By the time I got back to the party it was winding down. Most everyone had gone to bed, but those that were left went to the 24 hour subway. Sarah, TJ and I ended up sleeping in the living room until the next morning. Then we went to Adam's house and now I'm home. Overall a great party.

Plan for next party: 3 bottles of 151 not just one, and a "no canadian" rule :)
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